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Sant Sawatamali 

Savata Mali (born in the 13th century) was a Hindu saint. He was a contemporary of Namdev, and a devotee of Vithoba.

For financial reasons, his grandfather, Devu Mali, moved to the Arangaon/Aran-behndi, which is near the Modnimb, Solapur district. Devu Mali had two sons, namely, Parasu (Savata’s father) and Dongre. Parasu married Nangitabai; they lived in poverty, but remained devoted Bhagwat followers. Dongre died at young age. In 1217, Parasu and Nangitabai had a son, whom they named Savata Mali.

Having grown up in a religious family, Savata married a very religious and devoted Hindi from a nearby village named Janabai. While working in his fields in the village of Aran, Savata Mali used to sing about the glory of Vithoba. They believed that Vithoba came to him since Savata Mali was unable to make a pilgrimage to the temple of Vithoba. He angered his wife once when he ignored his visiting in-laws because he was so busy in his bhakti, but Janabai’s anger was swiftly cooled down because of Savata’s kind and peaceful words.

Savata died in the Hindu calendar year Shaka 1250 (c. 1328 AD). A temple dedicated to him exists in Aran.

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